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The Reality of our Times: Advice for Islamic School Teachers

I always tell my students that we had an easier time growing up in Canada than they do now. They always ask what I mean, sounding almost surprised at my statement. I tell them that the reality of the situation … Continue reading

Sexual Education for Muslim Students: A Call for a Curricular Framework

Shaykh Zahir Bacchus, advisory board member for the Islamic Teacher Education Program, and Imam Belal Ahmed, graduate of the Online Certificate Program, were among a group of four imams chosen to review the Sexual Education Parent’s Guide offered by the Peel … Continue reading

The Gift of Selflessness: 9 Tools to Develop this Character in Your Students

Today, we are living in a time where the core ethical values of our society are being replaced by values that glorifies and embellish the nafs (ego). We are living in “generation ME,” the “selfi, “and the YOLO (you only … Continue reading