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I wish my Islamic school teacher knew …

A few days ago, this came up in my newsfeed: a parody of an original piece found here, about what students wish their teacher knew. In the satire piece presented by IslamicaNews – a satirical news source – it pokes fun at the … Continue reading

The Power of Islamic Pedagogy — An Interview with Dr. Nadeem Memon

We talk a lot about Islamic Pedagogy a lot around here. If you’ve been reading our blog and watching our webinars, you’ve probably seen us explore the concept quite a bit (here, here, and here). But it’s an idea that … Continue reading

7 Habits of Highly Effective Islamic School Teachers

How can we get teachers to stick around for the long haul? This is a question I recently posed to the rest of our faculty at the Islamic Teacher Education Program. Teacher turnover in Islamic schools is a major challenge. … Continue reading