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Our Global Learning Community: Lessons from the Inaugural Australian Schooling Conference

Dylan Chown and Professor Mohamad Abdalla The Islamic Teacher Education Program fills a vital gap in offering comprehensive teacher training for educators in Islamic schools, madrassahs, maktabs and home-schooling families. As a corollary to this initiative and others like it … Continue reading

The Reality of our Times: Advice for Islamic School Teachers

I always tell my students that we had an easier time growing up in Canada than they do now. They always ask what I mean, sounding almost surprised at my statement. I tell them that the reality of the situation … Continue reading

Sexual Education for Muslim Students: A Call for a Curricular Framework

Shaykh Zahir Bacchus, advisory board member for the Islamic Teacher Education Program, and Imam Belal Ahmed, graduate of the Online Certificate Program, were among a group of four imams chosen to review the Sexual Education Parent’s Guide offered by the Peel … Continue reading