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The Islamic School Teacher’s Manifesto – An Interview with Omaira Alam

Teaching is a noble and honourable profession. However it is not without its rewards and challenges. And as an Islamic school teacher or administrator, it can truthfully be said – the rewards and challenges are so much more heightened! Having a purpose and a … Continue reading

What An Islamic Learning Environment Looks Like – An Interview with Dr. Seema Imam

The buzz in Islamic education is all about the space – the Islamic learning space. More than the posters on the wall, the space encompasses all the sights, the sounds and even the smells of the classroom that serve to … Continue reading

I wish my Islamic school teacher knew …

A few days ago, this came up in my newsfeed: a parody of an original piece found here, about what students wish their teacher knew. In the satire piece presented by IslamicaNews – a satirical news source – it pokes fun at the … Continue reading