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The Islamic School Teacher’s Manifesto

Every morning you wake up, and you pray that today you will make that difference in your students’ life. You are passionate, you are empowered, you are the Islamic school teacher and your mission is: to prepare Muslim students for … Continue reading

The Islamic School Teacher’s Manifesto – An Interview with Omaira Alam

Teaching is a noble and honourable profession. However it is not without its rewards and challenges. And as an Islamic school teacher or administrator, it can truthfully be said – the rewards and challenges are so much more heightened! Having a purpose and a … Continue reading

What An Islamic Learning Environment Looks Like – An Interview with Dr. Seema Imam

The buzz in Islamic education is all about the space – the Islamic learning space. More than the posters on the wall, the space encompasses all the sights, the sounds and even the smells of the classroom that serve to … Continue reading