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The Gift of Selflessness: 9 Tools to Develop this Character in Your Students

Today, we are living in a time where the core ethical values of our society are being replaced by values that glorifies and embellish the nafs (ego). We are living in “generation ME,” the “selfi, “and the YOLO (you only … Continue reading

Quran Competitions – Transformation or Ostentation?

Recently I was part of a discussion platform of Muslim educators. One of the topics of our discussion was how we motivate our students in learning the holy Quran. My colleague highlighted Quran competitions as a great way to motivate … Continue reading

Taking the Program as a Homeschooler

Homeschooling represents a valid choice amongst the continuum of education options for our children. Not surprisingly, homeschooling is an increasingly popular option for families, particularly in Muslim communities all around the world. Thus homeschoolers are an important demographic in the … Continue reading