3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before School Starts

We’ll be taking a short pause on our blog for the next few weeks as we’ll be introducing our new video series: 3 Questions to ask yourself before school starts.

Each week, Dr. Nadeem will explore a question that will help Islamic school teachers in their teaching practice.

Please click below to view the videos:

1) Why do we teach?

2) What do we teach?

3) How do we teach?

Please let us know what you think of the videos in the comment section below.

Nadeem Memon

About Nadeem Memon

Dr. Nadeem Memon serves as Director of Education for Razi Education. He holds a Ph.D from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto on the history and philosophy of Islamic schooling. He also serves as Program Director for the Islamic Teacher Education Program, a project of Razi Education.
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  1. Dear Dr, Nadeem Memon,

    I need your guidance regarding teaching Islamic Education in a British College, where both parents and students do not care about learning about Islam (Unfortunately), but because we are in Dubai which is an Islamic country, Muslim students should study Islamic till grade 12.
    So, i face a challenging atmosphere and many times feelings of failure and disappointment. How can i make those student study Islamic willingly?


  2. salmualaikom…..dr
    great videos,very helping to me as a new teacher.. but Is it possible to kindly talk more about how to integrate the Islamic perspective with the scientific method ..detailed … and thank you very much.

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