Asma Ahmed

About Asma Ahmed

Asma Ahmadi is an instructor at Western University at the preservice Teacher Education Program, as well as a PhD candidate in Critical Policy, Equity and Leadership Studies. Asma is part of a team of researchers exploring the works of Principals in Ontario, sponsored by the Ministry of Education of Ontario. Asma is a certified teacher and a certified principal in Ontario with over 10 years of experience working in classrooms, and held the position of part time principal of Alfurqan Kitchener School in Kitchener, Ontario. In the past two years she has been working as an Education Consultant for Islamic Schools and Islamic School Leaders. Asma has recently been interviewed by the National Post on her contribution to the book Discipline, Devotion, and Dissent: Jewish, Catholic, and Islamic Schooling in Canada. A regular attendee at conferences, she has presented on principals' work; equity and inclusiveness; the purpose of Islamic schools and supporting minority students.