Nadeem Memon

About Nadeem Memon

Dr. Nadeem Memon serves as Director of Education for Razi Education. He holds a Ph.D from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto on the history and philosophy of Islamic schooling. He also serves as Program Director for the Islamic Teacher Education Program, a project of Razi Education.

Nurturing Love for the Prophet in Children

Among the more common challenges that Islamic school teachers face is nurturing love for the Prophet Muhammad (s) in children. Parents often raise the same concern. The issues they raise are often around: Determining what aspects of the seerah (life … Continue reading

When Teachers Become Students Again

I’d like to share a learning experience I recently had. For the past few weeks this summer, I had the honour to travel and study Islam in Istanbul at the feet of some very special teachers. Before leaving home, a … Continue reading

This Blog is About Islamic Pedagogy

Last post I wrote about the confusion in terminology and understanding of the term Islamic education. This post, I’d like to define an Islamic Pedagogy and how this blog will be framed by it. The term pedagogy is often referred … Continue reading

What Do We Mean By Islamic Education?

What makes this blog unique is that it’s not just about Islamic education. Nor is it just about Islamic schools, Muslim schools, or even about teaching Islam. It’s about all of them. I think the greatest roadblock to the potential … Continue reading

What is an Islamic Pedagogy?

In the dialogue of Islamic Education, people think of two things: institutions or curricula. But what is the missing piece in this dialogue? Dr. Nadeem Memon, the Program Director for the Islamic Teacher Education Program breaks down the missing piece, … Continue reading