Nadeem Memon

About Nadeem Memon

Dr. Nadeem Memon serves as Director of Education for Razi Education. He holds a Ph.D from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto on the history and philosophy of Islamic schooling. He also serves as Program Director for the Islamic Teacher Education Program, a project of Razi Education.

Teaching Philosophy

When teachers hear the terms “School philosophy” or a personal “teaching philosophy” the first reaction is often to dismiss it as either understood or unnecessary. Most teachers would acknowledge that their school has a philosophy that is captured in a … Continue reading

Where Does Your School Stand?

While travelling on a long-distance field trip, the class stops to pray Zuhr. Some students and teachers wish to combine Zuhr and Asr on this stop. Other groups wish to stop for each prayer. Students are left confused with the … Continue reading

How Does Media Impact the Way You Teach?

We are constantly bombarded with news from the media related to Islam and Muslims, especially given the post-9/11 context in which we live. This highlights the need for students in Islamic schools to be media literate. As an Islamic school … Continue reading

Towards a Prophetic Pedagogy

If the Prophet ﷺ was teaching your class, how would he teach? What instructional strategies would he use? How would he connect with your students? The Islamic Teacher Education Program  explores these questions and more in Course 3 — Implementing … Continue reading

5 Layers of Curriculum Integration

The term curriculum integration gets thrown around in Islamic school circles a lot nowadays.  But to integrate curriculum can also mean many different things to many different people. In our second course of the Islamic Teacher Education Program, we discuss … Continue reading