Omaira Alam

About Omaira Alam

Omaira Alam is the Program Director of the Islamic Teacher Education Program ( She holds a Masters in Transition Special Education from the George Washington University specializing in at-risk students with emotional and learning disabilities. With over 18 years of experience in teaching and teacher training, she continues her research focusing on Islamic education, special education in Muslim schools, urban Islamic education, discipline with dignity, instructional strategies based on gender and homeschooling. Her blog, Black Board, White Chalk (, explores traditional and contemporary issues in education.

The Islamic School Teacher’s Manifesto

Every morning you wake up, and you pray that today you will make that difference in your students’ life. You are passionate, you are empowered, you are the Islamic school teacher and your mission is: to prepare Muslim students for … Continue reading

I wish my Islamic school teacher knew …

A few days ago, this came up in my newsfeed: a parody of an original piece found here, about what students wish their teacher knew. In the satire piece presented by IslamicaNews – a satirical news source – it pokes fun at the … Continue reading

Raising Awareness

I was a teacher for the first time and I watched helplessly as students fell through the cracks. In a room half full sat some very concerned teachers. I hadn’t expected even that many teachers so I was pleasantly surprised. … Continue reading