The Ummah as One: The Classroom as One

As we continue forth in our discovery of how Islamic schools can mesh with the practice of inclusion, let’s think back to Ahmed; the adolescent with dyslexia, a learning disability that impacts his reading and comprehension ability. If you had … Continue reading

What Teachers Make

Videos featuring performance poet Taylor Mali’s “What does a Teacher make?” have been circulating the Internet world like wildfire – perhaps in no circles more frequently than those made up of teachers or those who love teachers. Though he now … Continue reading

What Makes Your Islamic School Stand Out?

I’m sure the majority of Muslim educators in the West have often wondered what makes their Islamic schools stand out from the traditional, secular educational system that is already in place. Is it a sense of pride in students that … Continue reading

Silence in the Classroom!

The scene is familiar to anyone who has spent time in a classroom: students are given time to work in groups after the teacher reminds them that group work is only possible if everyone speaks in low-to-moderate voices. Everything starts … Continue reading