A Step by Step Guide to Classroom Discipline

Learn how to guide student behavior by treating students with dignity

Discipline that Actually Works

Presented by Omaira Alam, this 7 lesson video series will teach you how to adopt a needs based approach to discipline rooted in Islamic Pedagogy.


Meeting the Needs of Students Through Faith & Understanding
Introduction to Discipline with Dignity & examples from the teaching practice of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.


What To Do With a Disruptive Student
Put an end to disruptive behavior once and for all by identifying students’ unmet needs.


How to Help Students Feel Successful in the Classroom
Motivate students to work hard and apply themselves instead of getting frustrated.


Getting Students to Follow Directions
Persuade students to honor and respect your directives at any grade level.


Helping Students Connect With What They’re Learning
Bring relevancy to classroom material by connecting it to your student’s world.


Getting Students to Work Together
Reduce conflict and promote collaboration between students by increasing empathy.


Everything You’ve Wanted to Know About Discipline
Panel conversation with Omaira Alam and Dr. Nadeem Memon on classroom discipline.

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