Practical Examples of Character Education

One day, your students will eventually step out into the real world. They will have job interviews, interact with people from different walks of life, and vote in elections. You hope to promote positive character in your classroom so that your students become self-reliant citizens that contribute to the growth of society.

When should you prepare your students for the real world, and how? How do you build positive character in your students?

With the Islamic Teacher Education Program, you will be able to implement Islamic character building strategies in your classroom, inspired by your Islamic teaching philosophy and your school’s vision for students. Learn how to incorporate character education in your lessons and encourage leadership in your classroom.

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In this video, Amaarah DeCuir discusses how the presidential elections benefitted her students and taught them about their civic duties towards the country. To learn more about how she incorporated these teachings in her classroom, click below to watch the video.

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Dr. Nadeem Memon serves as Director of Education for Razi Education. He holds a Ph.D from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto on the history and philosophy of Islamic schooling. He also serves as Program Director for the Islamic Teacher Education Program, a project of Razi Education.
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