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Implementing Islamic Pedagogy: A Case Study of Amanah Institute

Originally held on Saturday, May 7, 2016

Presented by Dylan Chown

One of the core objectives of the Islamic Teacher Education Program and the Online Learning Certificate is to introduce educators to the philosophies of Islamic education, or principles of Islamic Pedagogy and their implementation.

This webinar explores the implementation of Islamic pedagogy at Amanah Institute in Brisbane, Australia as understood through the Islamic Teacher Education Program.

Amanah logoThe approach at Amanah Institute was like that of almost any contemporary madrassah as in a Western context.

Three years ago the Institute made the brave decision to conduct an external review which was the stimulus for an ambitious school improvement project.

A vital part of the school improvement project was a renewal in the education approach. It was through Islamic pedagogy that Amanah Institute gained a framework for such a renewal! Specifically a guide in the why, what, and how to teach from an Islamic perspective as described through the Islamic Teacher Education Program.

This webinar will capture the efforts to transform a madrassah into a functional and dynamic space for teaching and learning in the Islamic spirit, a madrassah responsive to the needs of students with a firm footing within the tradition.

The Amanah Institute case study offers valuable lessons and insights for anyone interested in adopting and implementing an Islamic pedagogy, especially Islamic schools and madrassah, and the place of the Islamic Teacher Education Program in facilitating this process.

Principal Dylan Chown, an alumnus of ITEP, and now a course facilitator will share:

  • how Islamic pedagogy was introduced and implemented at the school
  • the many challenges along the way
  • the successes and lessons learned in this journey

This case study shares the planting of a seed and is a story of discovery!


Dylan Chown

About the Presenter

Dylan Chown is an alumnus of the Islamic Teacher Education Program and now facilitator of course one: ‘Purpose and Pedagogy’. Dylan has twenty years’ experience in the field of education. He spent ten years in an Islamic school as a Head of Department. He is currently the principal of Amanah Institute, a Madrassah in Queensland, Australia. Dylan completed a Bachelor of Education (Secondary) degree with a double major in physical education and health education. He gained a Master of Education (Leadership) through the National Centre of Excellence for Islamic Studies (NCEIS). His thesis examined education leadership and school vision. Dylan is completing his doctoral studies with a research focus on Dignified Way, the authentic application of Prophetic pedagogy within a character education and behaviour management model for Islamic schools. Dylan has co-authored several texts or chapters for texts for Queensland Health, Macmillan Publishing and forthcoming for Cambridge University Press for the new Australian National Curriculum. Dylan has also authored or co-authored a number of publications on contemporary issues in Islamic schooling.