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In Conversation: Bringing Islamic Pedagogy to Life

Originally held on Sunday, September 13, 2015

Presented by Islamic Teacher Education Program

To date the Online Certificate Program celebrates a community of 300 educators dedicated to raising the standard of Islamic schooling through the study and implementation of Islamic Pedagogy.

In this session, hear from a panel of alumni on their reason for interest, their experience in the Program, and the challenges and benefits they faced when it came to putting it into practice.

The panel will be hosted by
Br. Dylan Chown (Brisbane, Australia)
C101 Course Facilitator, Principal at Amanah Institute

with participating alumni:
Sr. Sameera Shaikh (Pune, India)
Founding member – Span International Academy, Elementary Grade level

Sr. Ruby Fatima (Ontario, Canada)
Teacher – York Islamic School, Elementary Grade level

We hope you enjoy the conversation!

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