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#What Is Islamic Ed ?

Originally held on Sunday, April 26, 2015

Presented by Dylan Chown, Omaira Alam, Dr. Seema Imam

What is meant by “Islamic education”? Islamic education can be a broad and ambivalent term, and when we say it between ourselves, or in conversation, we may not always know what the other is meaning, or understanding, when referring to ‘Islamic education’.

Is it receiving an education in an Islamic school? Is it having an Islamic studies subject in the curriculum? Is it its own philosophy that shapes the idea of education for Muslim educators?

We sat down with our Online Certificate Program course facilitators and discussed some of the questions we received on #WhatIsIslamicEd ?

Here are the conversation questions:

  • What is Islamic Education? (foundation, goals)
  • What are the core principles of an Islamic education?
  • How is Islamic education different from contemporary education?
  • How do I interact with students to motivate them about Islam and Islamic behaviour?
  • How can Islamic education keep abreast with modern development?
  • How can we bring Quran & Islamic Studies to life? How do we make it interesting for kids learning about Islam?
  • To what extent should schools allow parent feedback?
  • How can Islamic education be delivered at the nursery level? (play-based education in Islam)

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Omaira Alam – is the Program Director of the Islamic Teacher Education Program. She holds a Masters in Transition Special Education from the George Washington University specializing in at-risk students with emotional and learning disabilities. With over 18 years of experience in teaching and teacher training, she continues her research focusing on Islamic education, special education in Muslim schools, urban Islamic education, discipline with dignity, instructional strategies based on gender and homeschooling.

Dr. Seema Imam – is a course facilitator with the Islamic Teacher Education Program, a Board Member of Islamic School’s League of America, and Faculty of Elementary and Middle Level Teacher Education at National-Louis University in Lisle, llinois. She has over sixteen years of classroom experience, has served as founding principal of a large metropolitan area Islamic School for five years, and has been serving at the university level as a teacher educator for over ten years.

Dylan Chown – is an alumni of the Islamic Teacher Education Program and now facilitator of course one: “Purpose and Pedagogy”. He is the principal of Amanah Institute, a leading Madrassah in Queensland, Australia. Dylan is completing his doctoral studies on school effectiveness and Islamic schools. He has 17 years’ experience in education across diverse state and private school contexts. As an Islamic education consultant, he regularly travels to Islamic schools throughout Australia.

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